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Saturday, July 28, 2007

A cleaner clean

Interesting enough, I have been going down the same track as Kathryn about safer cleaning supplies. Been testing lots of different types...I really like some of the Method products, especially the liquid dish soap. I like Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day dishwashing powder and laundry soap (but I have to find something else as it comes in a plastic bottle...). I did not have good results at all with either Seventh Generation or Wave dishwashing powder. The stuff at Trader Joe's is also pretty good. Mrs. Meyer's also has a good all surface cleaner and a stainless cleaner. The only problem is that they are EXPENSIVE!
I am glad I'm looking into this. A recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle confirmed my worst fears. "Hazard Warning on Home Cleaners: Study says many use chemicals linked to fertility problems." No wonder kids are going into puberty at such young ages.

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