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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Chipping Nail Polish

I had a mani/pedi last Friday so I my hands and feet would look nice for a wedding I attended last weekend. I go to a place that offers a range of nail polish brands from traditional chemical laden brands toformaldehyde free. They also don't use those gross massage chairs and don't do acrylics. I went for one of the brands that had fewer chemicals than the traditional brands. I was a little disappointed, however, when on Sunday my fingernails had chipped and this morning when I noticed that one of my toenails had chipped, because normally when I get a manicure at this place it lasts five to seven days and a pedicure even longer. Next time I will still resist the urge to use a chemical ladenOpi color and try yet another brand, and hopefully it will just last a little longer.

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