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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I just got contacted by these guys. what a great idea!

"I'm with a nonprofit organization called GreatNonprofits -- it's a (badly needed) Yelp for the nonprofit world, with the mission of adding transparency and accountability to a sector that desperately needs it. We all love the hard work nonprofits do, but we think there's a place for opinions and reviews by everyday people!

The was founded by a veteran of social innovation from the Stanford University Social Innovation group; our site launched last year and is going strong. For Earth Day we're holding our first ever Green Choice Awards -- a contest to identify the best environmental nonprofits out there, according to everyday, concerned reviewers. Nonprofits as big as the NRDC and Greenpeace will be reviewed alongside small, focused, local groups...think Alaska's Iditarod Trail Committee or the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture. Everyone and everything is game -- hundreds of reviews specifically on environmental nonprofits. Good, bad, scathing, praising -- you name it!

It's easy to follow the contest on Twitter at @GreatNonprofits -- they're using the hashtag #greenchoice"."

This idea is great because you can help by sharing your knowledge of environmental and green-focused nonprofits with the world, making both the nonprofit sector more efficient, as well as giving people an idea of where to put their time and money to good use...especially in such a resource-strapped economy.

Please check them out, and give planetfesto a little boost if you are so inclined.