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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Heritage Turkeys

This Thanksgiving we decided to buy heritage turkeys--"old" breeds of turkeys that are being raised. The Slow Food movement has gotten behind this trend as a way to "save" these breeds of turkeys. A few different local stores offered this choice (albeit high-end food boutiques and butchers), but I was pleased to see it as prevalent as it was.
So for the real question--how did it taste? DELICIOUS. Not at all gamey, much more dark meat than usual because these turkeys aren't bred to have abnormally huge breasts, like the widespread, commercially available ones are. (Don't think that I didn't pause to make a joke here, but decided to keep to the high ground...) The meat was moist, very flavorful, and a huge success. It will be what I will be purchasing for years to come.

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